On 18th November 2010 DEFEX S.A. signed a Contract with the Cameroon Ministry of Defence for the supply of an Integrated System for the Security of the Gulf of Guineau and Exclusive Economic Zone, with the aim that it will be able tocould exercise sovereignty over its territorial and coastal waters.

The Contract entails three sectors:

  1. Radar Detection and Control of Naval Communications Sector
  2. Naval Sector
  3. Air Sector

In the Radar Detection and Control of Naval Communications Sector, the Commercial Contract signed on the 8th August 2011 and includesing the supply of a System of Maritime and Coastal Surveillance by Radar Detection, AIS, Radiogoniometry and Control of Naval Communications

  • 9 stations with radar and/or radiogoniometry and/or ASI and communications
  • 2 Stations linked by electromagnetic means/ radio relay
  • 1 Main control centre in Douala
  • 1 Secondary control centre in Yaoundé
  • 1 HF/NAVTEX station
  • 1 Set of spare parts and accessories.

Besides this equipment, the contract includes the supply of:

  • 1 Transport truck for troops and/or cargo
  • 1 Tanker truck
  • 2 high mobility vehicles
  • Set of spare parts and accessories for the vehicles

The Naval Sector, the Commercial Contract signed on 12th September 2011 includes the supply of:

  • 2 Open Sea Surveillance and Aid vessels, of 32 metres length.
  • 2 Coastal surveillance vessels, of 23 metres length.
  • 6 Semi-rigid vessels for river surveillance, of 11.95 metres length.
  • 6 Semi-rigid vessels for river surveillance, of 6.5 metres length.
  • 1 Boat for Disembarking, Transport and Logistic support.
  • One set of spare parts for the boats described above.

Regarding the Air Sector, the Commercial Contract signed on 8th August 2011 includes the supply of:

  • A CN235-300 plane, Military Transport version, including additional equipment, provision of spare parts and land support equipment, a training programme and technical assistance.

The supplies of the Naval and Air Sector have been completed. Regarding the Radar Detection and Naval Communications Control Sector the totality of the material has been supplied, the installation and start up of the System, is advancing and is expected to be concluded in November 2015

DEFEX, is a Spanish state company, that is owned bay SEPI, and has among its objectives to undertake promotion and commercial work for the internationalisation of Spanish companies. For this project, DEFEX S.A. has worked from the start with the companies: DEIMOS-ELECNOR, ARESA INTERNACIONAL and Airbus Defence and Space, which have acted as the principal sub-contractors responsible for design, engineering, manufacture, testing and technical supervision. The Project has also allowed the participation of a further 40 companies, in their majority Spanish, that have acted as suppliers within this ambitious Project. DEFEX for its part has provided the following services:

  • Commercial management, from the identification of the opportunity to the completion of the contract
  • Financial management of the operation, by obtaining the financing for the operation by means of a Supercari Credit;
  • Implementation of the contract after its signing, coordination with suppliers, monitoring of the operation, establishing guarantees, after sales services, etc.

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